Legal Costs

When you decide to engage Lawyers SA, you will be provided with a letter setting out our services rates. We will also discuss our estimate of fees at the outset and keep you informed as the matter progresses.

Our fees are dictated by many external factors, including your instructions as to how you want your case to proceed, the other party’s attitude to resolving the proceedings and the size and complexity of your case. While some of these factors may be uncertain at the outset, we will discuss them with you as the matter proceeds, so you can make informed decisions as to how you want the matter to progress.

Important information you should know

The Legal Practitioners Act of 1981 requires all legal practitioners to provide information to all clients as to their potential liability for legal costs and their rights. We recommend you read the following information provided by the Law Society of South Australia setting out those rights and responsibilities then speak to us, get independent legal advice, or contact to the Law Society if you have any questions or concerns.


Legal Cost by the Law Society of SA

Your Right to Challenge Legal Costs

Legal Aid

Legal Services Commission

Legal Aid Application



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