Environment & Natural Resources Law

Lawyers SA has extensive experience working in the field of environment protection and natural resources, having represented the EPA, Fisheries and the Departments of Water and Natural Resources for many years.

State and Federal legislation governing fisheries, the environment and natural resources, provide investigators with very unique powers to acquire information about alleged contraventions of those Acts. If such requests are being made of you, we recommend you speak to us.

We do not believe in deliberately frustrating or causing undue delays to an investigation, however we do believe individuals be provided with a reasonable opportunity to obtain legal advice, particularly where their statement might be used in court proceedings.

When it comes to contraventions of environment and natural resources legislation, there are often a variety of remedies, including the imposition of restoration or ‘Clean up’ orders, negotiated civil penalties or variation of licence conditions. We are experienced in dealing with these processes and can act to achieve a suitable negotiated outcome, which may reduce the costs associated with protracted litigation.

In circumstances where an individual or business have been charged with pollution or other natural resources offence, we are not only in a position to review all the scientific evidence, but also appear on your behalf before the Environment Resources and Development Court.


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