Coronial Inquests

Coronial Inquests are conducted in the Coroner’s Court. The Coroner has very unique powers which may see organisations or individuals directed to produce documentation and/or answer questions at any time during a coronial investigation or inquest.

Where an individual is summonsed to give evidence in the Coroner’s Court, we recommend they seek advice from a lawyer experienced in this jurisdiction, like us at Lawyers SA. We can consider the coronial brief and advise you if it is desirable or necessary for you to be represented.

Lawyers engaged to act for an employer may not have the best interests of the staff in mind. In circumstances where an employer may seek to place some blame on an employee, we recommend the employee obtains independent legal advice and, if necessary, engage legal representation.

At Lawyers SA, we are experienced in the workings of the Coroner’s Court. We can advise you about your rights and obligations and can assist you with the processes should you be called upon to give evidence at an inquest.


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